Good Friday: A background and briefing


Good Friday takes place two days before Easter Sunday in the US. It is the day when Christians memorize the execution of Jesus Christ, which is an essential part in a faith of Christianity. It represents the sacrifice and suffering of life made by Jesus Christ for his people.  The crucifixion occurred at the peak different events took place in the holy week, which includes Jesus Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, the cleaning of the followers by Jesus, and the last supper on Thursday. Some churches also try to organize the vigil prayer on Good Friday for different reasons and cause like for patients who are suffering from cancer etc. The most important symbol of Good Friday 2017 is the cross which is also called crucifix, the death of Jesus is represented through it, some crosses has statue of Jesus hanged to it while others are just the plain crucifix


Different people spend Good Friday in different ways;

  • Like for some people, it is a day for mourning so they offer quite prayers, some people also extinguish candles, crosses and painting are color in black or gray.
  • Some people treat Good Friday as a day of fasting or partial fasting in which meat prohibition.
  • Some people prefer to make special prayers and attend church services.
  • Some people tend to keep a quiet atmosphere at home, with little almost no outside activities.
  • Some people tend to bake hot buns, which is a traditional sweet for Good Friday
  • Others who are not very religious tend to take a long off weekend and take a spring break.

Public holiday

Good Friday is not a day of public holiday in most of the countries, regular tasks and services are done on this day, according to the schedule. Financial markets, schools, businesses, and colleges are closed on this day.

Good Friday 2017

In 2017 Good Friday will be celebrated on 14th of April precedent to Easter as usual. Although Jesus was brought to execution on this day but still it is called Good Friday because of the fact that Jesus sacrificed his life in order to get us free from all the sins on the Day of Judgment.



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